Jintan Hamper
April 28, 2017
Matahari Hamper
April 28, 2017

Maharaja Hamper


Looking for a big impressive Raya hamper? The Maharaja Hamper is the biggest hamper we have in our range of Raya hampers this season. Complete with premium handmade cookies freshly baked for the season by Amuara LoveBakeCookies.

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Maharaja Hamper

Half Moon Trunk Box
Afghan Crips (L) Cookies
Pineapple Tart Nona (L) Cookies
Pineapple Tart Rolled (M) Cookies
Sarang Burung (M) Cookies
Peanut Butter (S) Cookies
Kurma Delight (S) Cookies
Scottish Shortbread (S) Cookies
Grey Paper Tube
Homemade Popia Simpul 100 gm
Gold Paper Tube
Homemade Maruku 100 gm
Olive House Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml
Harrods Green Tea 125 gm
Oil Dispenser
Air Tight Acrylic Cookies Jars
Kuih Rode 150 gm
Homemade Popia Simpul 300 gm
Golden Leaf Tray
Homemade Traditional Dodol 100 gm
Turkish Ceramic Deco Plate
Chrome Cake Cutter
Decorative Ribbons & Flowers
Quality Shrink Wrap

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Dimensions 25 × 39 × 22 cm
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