History Behind Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies have to be one of the tastiest cookie recipes there is. Have you ever wondered what is the history behind Chocolate Chip Cookies?

We all did…

…and like many other great inventions, it was a result of a mistake.

Chocolate chip cookies were invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield many years ago in 1930. Ruth Wakefield used to run the “Toll House Inn” with her spouse who is called Kenneth. This inn was located in Whitman, Massachusetts. It was a Bed and Breakfast Inn, so she used to make breakfast and dessert for the visitors of her Inn.

In 1937, she thought of an amazing idea, she decided to make a new dessert by dividing a semi-sweet bar of chocolate that was given to her by Andrew Nestle into small tiny pieces in order to mix them with the dough to make chocolate cookies. The end result was not exactly what she had expected it to be but as she thought it was good enough to serve, she gave them to her guests.

The guests liked them so much that they kept asking for more, so she had to make more chocolate chip cookies. The popularity of this new recipe began to increase as more people started asking for it. Ruth Wakefield then published her chocolate chip cookies recipe in many newspapers, which only increased the popularity of the recipe.Without a doubt, chocolate chip cookies became the most famous cookie recipe in the United States with millions of these cookies eaten every single year.  Ruth Wakefield called it the Chocolate Crunch Cookie. She managed to strike an agreement with Nestle. This deal obligated Nestle to supply her with the chocolate that she needs for her to make these cookies in The Toll House Inn, and in exchange, it would allow Nestle to put the recipe of the chocolate chip cookie on their chocolate bars.

Brown sugar, white sugar, eggs, baking powder and butter are usually mixed together with the chocolate pieces (chips) to make this cookie.  Vanilla extract is also added for that extra taste. Depending on the combination of the ingredients, this cookie can be made to have a chewy or crunchy texture.

You can also spice up the mix by adding other ingredients that you fancy like M&M chocolates, brazil nut, macadamia nut or even regular peanuts to add on to the crunchiness.

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