Florence, Johor Bahru

I love this Cheese Biscuits so much...it's just soooo cheesy!!!

sara (kl)

love the nona tarts ;-)

Priya Vaskaran, Kuala Lumpur

I bought four types of your biscuits during Hari Raya and they were all simply superb! My little girl loved your Chocolate Strawberry Cones so much that she finished the whole box all alone! She is just four and had never fancied any homemade cookies before...

Eve - Kuala Lumpur

Very nice! My boyfriend's grandma loves your Vegetarian Almond Cookies. A little gift from me though :-D

Auntie Sharifah, Johor Bahru

Tried the Sarang Burung cookies, Afghan Crisps and Pineapple Tarts. Sedap mau pengsan!!

Soo Hua, Kuala Lumpur

Found this heavenly melting almond cookies to celebrate the start of the year of the Dragon festive in Bangsar Village it is the best cookies of all I tried this year. Simply yum!

Farah Naz - Islamabad, Pakistan

After spending 8 years in Malaysia and now returned back to Pakistan...the one thing i will alway miss is that cookies and sweet treats that used to come out for special occassions like the upcoming Raya. I must say that i am certainly missing and reminiscing those tender delights that melt in your mouth and leave you with a feeling of utter bliss...oh how i miss them and wish i could either go back in time or to Malaysia just to have a taste of these little jewels that adorn every table in each family home and brings a gleam in everyones eyes and drool running from your mouth...miss them really.

KJ, Kuala Lumpur

All the year through I will never touch the cookies on the table which are from hampers given from customer.But this year 2014...I really love the taste of all your cookies - really tasty homemade feel. Thank You.

Chun Wai Kwan (Ipoh, Perak)

The cookies looks so yummy that they set my tummy rumbling...love the varieties. Reminds me of being home with my family- so warm, so addictive, so delightful, so divine! Bet that if I take my first gooey bite,I will feel like everything is perfect and blessed in this world.

ashnita, kuala lumpur

yummy...these are really good. so soft and buttery.

Sheila - Muar, Malaysia

Judy, you have a great website and your melt-in-the-mouth tarts are the best. Please keep them coming!

rafidah abdul kadir - bintulu sarawak

given by my boss...afghan biscuit so nice....i like it a lot..i want more but too late..its hari raya this weekend..almost finish it haha..

Kim, Singapore

Love Aunty Judy's cookies! My all time favourite is the Vegetarian Almond and the Melting Almond, really melt in your mouth. And the Almond delight and crispy almond is so crunchy, cannot stop eating once you started! Pineapple tarts are so nice yet not overly sweet! Cannot wait to lay my hands on all of them again!

Datin Kuna, Kuala Lumpur

The almond delight is simply awesome.no words can describe how good it tastes.I am working full time but since I hate the cookies sold in the shops I need to find time to bake.but thanks to LoveBakeCookies that's all in the past.

Mardhiyah Rusdi - Kuantan, Pahang


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