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Selamat Hari Raya

Celebrate this festive season with your favourite Hari Raya cookies from Amuara. Enjoy delicious pineapple tarts and rolls, kurma cookies, kuih bangkit, kuih kapit and more. All of our cookies are handmade with the highest quality ingredients, so you can taste the difference!

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Top 5 Popular Hari Raya Cookies and Snacks

Visiting friends and relatives is an important Hari Raya tradition. Indulge your guests with these must-have Hari Raya cookies and snacks.

Amuara offers premium home-style cookies and confectionaries, made with top-quality ingredients. Our products are sure to bring cheer to your Hari Raya celebrations.

Pineapple Tarts and Rolls

Pineapple tarts are possibly the most popular cookies for Malaysian festive occasions. These favourite Hari Raya cookies can be found in different variations and styles. Amuara produces Melaka-style nona tarts as well as the popular rolled tarts. Be sure to have some of these for your Hari Raya celebrations!

Hari Raya Best-Sellers

Dates or kurma are a must-have during Ramadan, which is why we’ve incorporated them into our signature Kurma Delight featuring chewy texture and melt-in-your-mouth pastry.

Our Afghan Crisps are almost as popular as our pineapple tarts. Made from crunchy chocolate and almond, you can’t miss it!

Malaysian Favourites

Kuih Kapit, or “love letters” is a must-buy during the festive season. Deliciously light and crispy, these handmade snacks are lovingly handmade with premium ingredients.

Kuih Bangkit is another Malaysian favourite. Also light and sweet, it melts in your mouth delightfully and a must-have Hari Raya cookie.

Nutty Cookies

Peanuts, almonds and hazel nuts are a popular ingredient in Hari Raya cookies. Amuara makes several different cookies with these ingredients including Peanut Butter Cookies, Almond London, Melting Almond and Muara Roche. If you are a nut lover, be sure to check these out!

Fried Popiah & Chips

Despite being a little oily and unhealthy, fried snacks are certainly a favourite during Hari Raya. And if you only indulge once a year, it’s not too bad right?

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