Hari Raya Hampers

Exquisite 2019 Hari Raya Hampers, beautiful Moroccan style baskets, songket boxes and kuih raya.

Our online store is now closed for the season. However, stocks are still available at Bangsar Village 1.

Please email us at [email protected] for Corporate and bulk orders or call us on one of these numbers 012-2090369 (Shahrir) and 012-2125812 (Florence).

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  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-hamper-laila-min-2

    Laila Gift Box

    RM159.00 RM150.00
  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-Cengkih-min

    Cengkih Hamper

    RM220.00 RM200.00
  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-Serai-min

    Serai Hamper

    RM270.00 RM250.00
  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-Yasmeen-min-2

    Yasmeen Hamper

    RM109.00 RM89.00
  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-saffron-min

    Saffron Hamper

    RM200.00 RM180.00
  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-Selasih-min-2

    Selasih Hamper

    RM330.00 RM300.00
  • hari-raya-hampers-2018-03-gelugor-min-2

    Gelugor Hamper

  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-Gemilang-min

    Gemilang Hamper

    RM390.00 RM350.00
  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-maharaja-min

    Maharaja Hamper

    RM780.00 RM680.00
  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-Jintan-min-2

    Jintan Hamper

    RM320.00 RM280.00
  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-Pelaga-min

    Pelaga Hamper

    RM500.00 RM450.00
  • 2019-hari-raya-hamper-Perwira-min

    Perwira Hamper

    RM430.00 RM380.00
  • 2018-hari-raya-hamper-10-matahari-min-2

    Matahari Hamper