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March 28, 2017
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April 14, 2017

Empress Hamper


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Pineapple Tarts Nona (Large) cookies
Melting Almond (Large) cookies
Cashew Mixed Nuts (Medium) cookies
Afghan Crisps (Medium) cookies
Peanut Butter (Small) cookies
Kurma Delight (Small) cookies
Coconut Crunchies (Small) cookies
CNY Round Box with Lid
125g Shitake Mushrooms in CNY red box
120g Premium Peanuts in tube container
100g Premium Spicy Peanuts in tube container
Zen Box with Mini Cook Tea
80 gms STH Cordycep Flowers
400 gms Kiwi and Mango mixed dried fruits in acrylic jar
7 pcs Premium Rice crackers in acrylic jar
100 gms M&S Dark Chocolate with Clementine
100 gms M&S Milk Chocolate with Salted Butterscotch
100 gms M&S Arabica Freeza Dried Coffee
M&S Oats, Seeds and Berries Bars
750ml Sparkling Juice with bottle holder
2 pcs Oriental Embroidery Coster
2 pcs Oriental Chopsticks in pouch
Vietnam Lacquer box with napkin ring gift set
Serving Chrome Spoon, Fork & Knife gift set
CNY decorative ribbons, flowers and deco items
Quality Shrink Wrapping

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