Baking with Splenda

There are many artificial sweeteners that can be used for baking but “baking with Splenda” is one of the most popular verses you would hear. I personally like Splenda as I feel it does not leave an after taste in the food – it tastes very natural. Artificial sweeteners are used to replace sugar because many recipes depend on sugar and as we know, sugar can cause various health and dental problems. This is why many people are starting to follow a no sugar diet or replace sugar with artificial sweeteners. There are endless advantages and benefits of using Splenda instead of natural sugar. Let’s check out some of these benefits…

Perfect for People suffering from Diabetes

Diabetics cannot eat food that contains sugar, but they do want to eat something sweet every now and then. It is a dilemma that artificial sweeteners can resolve. Although Splenda is manufactured from sugar, it doesn’t have the same chemical ingredients. This means that the digestive system and the body do not react with it the same way they would react with sugar. Therefore, people who suffer from diabetes or any other form of sugar-related diseases can enjoy the taste of sugar without worrying about diabetes by using Splenda instead of sugar.

Research has also shown that Splenda is suitable for pregnant women who want to eat sweets. It is safe for the baby and the mother whether during the pregnancy or the nursing period.


Zero Calories

Since Splenda doesn’t have any calories, it is perfect for people who are on a diet. Being on a healthy diet usually means that you cannot enjoy any sweets but with Splenda, it is a different story.

You can enjoy sweets by using Splenda instead of sugar. Baking with Splenda is also a very versatile ingredient as it can be used with any known recipe. The only exception is recipes that require great sugar amounts in order to “bind” the ingredients together.

Prevent Tooth Decay

It is a known fact that sugar is not exactly our teeth’s best friend. Sugar is the primary reason behind tooth decay, it resides on the teeth which encourages the forming of bacteria. Splenda on the other hand will not do that, so it will enable you to enjoy the sugar taste without causing damage to your teeth.

Very Easy to Use

Baking with Splenda is easy.  Splenda is like a gift to those who love baking as this product is extremely easy to use in different recipes. Unlike other sugar replacements such as fruit juice or honey, using Splenda is a breeze.

Nevertheless, it is very important to know that Splenda is very sweet; this is why you have to read the information on the packaging well before using it. The instructions on the packaging will enable you to use the suitable amount of Splenda in lieu of sugar.  This will ensure that you do not put too much or too little into the mix.

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