Love Mama

A variation of the Sarang Burung cookies, the Love Mama was “born” three years ago on the day when my ailing mother requested for butter cookies”, this was what Judy said when asked about how this new cookie recipe was found.

This is the story related by Judy herself on the history of this cookie:

My mother was already 91 years of age then and was getting frail and weak. She has always been a great fan of my cookies, not only providing the support in my younger days when I first started my cookies business but enjoyed eating them too. Her favorite has always been the Sarang Burung cookies because of its buttery taste and the crunchy almond that it was coated with. Other than cookies, my mother has always loved good food and I have made it a routine to take her out for breakfast around the various restaurants in Muar at least three to four times a week ever since my dad left us much earlier. She enjoyed those outings but it came the day when she became a little too frail to handle any food other than semi-soft diets comprising of rice, porridge, fish and well-cooked vegetables. It was due to this reason that we started going out to eat lesser and lesser…


To my pleasant surprise, when the cookies came out from the oven, they smelled just as good and when I bit into one of them, I realized that the taste will not disappoint my mother. Just as crunchy and buttery, the Love Mama cookies had a smoother taste while still maintaining the full almond aroma that came with the napped almonds. True enough, my mother loved the taste and had quite a few cookies the same afternoon. I decided this was one recipe I was going to share and will build into one of my cookies for sale after the following new year.

Never did I expect that that would be the last time my mother had the chance to eat the cookies that I baked as she passed away peacefully shortly after that. Even in sadness, I told myself that I have at least fulfilled my mother’s last wishes by making her the cookies she was yearning for in her last days in this world. I could not bring myself to put the cookies up as one of the choices of cookies for sale the following year as it reminded me too much of my mother.

Now, three years later, I have decided that the best way to continue to keep her in my memory is to share this special cookie of love with everyone. And thus, this is how the name of this cookie came about – the Love Mama.

“This cookie was created with love for my mother and I hope every mother in this world can enjoy them and every daughter will have the opportunity to share them with their beloved mama”, Judy added.

Flour, Butter, Sugar, Napped Almonds, Baking Agent

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